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Freestays is located in the heart of the netherlands in Barneveld.
We started in Holland as a licence holder from our Company in Germany where we provide our concept since 1996.

Freestays offers free overnight stays at our partner hotels in Europe and Turkey. Freestays is growing 

every day and our offer is supplemented every day with new top destinations. 

Voucher is valid for 2-3 days in Europe, for Turkey it is 7-14 days. 

We provide up to 100% discount on the room rate where customers pay for breakfast and dinner. 

Payment for breakfast and dinner is due upon arrival at the hotel. 

We at offer various single use vouchers in Europe voucher, Turkey voucher 

and the voucher 'year pass' for unlimited hotel bookings during 12 months after activation. 

Vouchers from Freestays are also very suitable as a give-away and as a birthday present.


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Veemweg 29-31
3771 MT. Barneveld

Chamber of Commerce 
NL - Amersfoort